Monday, February 12, 2018

Blatant Fake News Easily Refuted

In a recent Facebook post, Young Republicans Chair Jarrett Namken says Republican Chair Jeanne Raley was at the Monday, January 22 Commissioners Court hearing where election issues were discussed.

FAKE NEWS. Jeanne Raley was not at this meeting.

And, Namken may not have used a "secondhand source", but he did use one that was outdated.

In his post, Namken cites Texas Election Code 31.092, Section (b).  The old law held that political party executive committees could contract with the county election officer.  The actual, current code is below.  Note (b) is EXPIRED.

FAKE NEWS. This section of law Mr. Namken repeatedly cites has been retired and no longer exists. As a former law student, he should know where to find current sources. But those sources wouldn't fit his takeover agenda.

(Source: Texas Election Code, 01/22/2018)