Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dangerous Silencing of the Opposition

There are many ways to silence the opposition. The question isn’t how.

The questions is why would anyone in the United States of America silence the opposition. 

Dictators silence the opposition. Totalitarian regimes silence the opposition. Fascists silence the opposition. The Bastrop County Young Republicans silence the opposition.

FACT: On their Facebook page, the Bastrop County Young Republicans have blocked the Republican chair, the president of the Tea Party, the president of the women's Republican club, every precinct chair they don’t like, critics they don't agree with, and candidates they want defeated.

On her campaign website, under "Social Media Outreach", Candidate Dianna Greenwood says she is "truly passionate about this issue, as it is vital to growing our party and easily communicating with our members."

But, as a Bastrop County Young Republican Board member and Grassroots Coordinator, she leads an organization that does just the opposite.

FACT: Dianna Greenwood supports blocking her opposition. She knows it is happening and remains silent.