Sunday, February 25, 2018

If it's not your idea, kill it

On February 24 at 1:10PM on The Bastrop County Young Republicans Facebook page, this post appeared (highlighting added):

FAKE NEWS!  The truth is that Jarrett Namken has rejected any opportunities not of his own making.  

Jarrett Namken has blocked posting any comments from these Republican leaders on his BCYR page (and these are only the ones Combating Fake News is aware of. We're sure there are more...):  
  • the Bastrop County Republican Chair
  • the Bastrop County Republican Vice-chair
  • the Bastrop County Tea Party Chair
  • the Lost Pines Republican Women president
  • the Bastrop County Republican Club president
  • duly-elected Republican precinct chairs he doesn't like
When challenged on blocking these people, he blocks those commenters.

He claims he's done this because "those that write long winded rants to harass, intimidate and bully will not be tolerated".

Jarrett lies.  You decide if these are "long winded rants".  These are the only two comments posted by Russ Tepper before Jarrett Namken blocked him.

Jarrett Namken and the Bastrop County Young Republicans block anyone they disagree with so their attacks cannot be challenged with the truth.