Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Vote Against the Blue Santas? Yes, they did.

Can a person believe anything this woman says? 

In an October 20 newspaper article,  Dianna Greenwood [now Candidate for Republican Chair] said "the party is 'committed to future help in Bastrop County, whether monetary or otherwise, should the need arise.'"

But on November 4, Greenwood and her pack of precinct chair supporters voted NO on participating in the Blue Santa programs for Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville. As a result, the Bastrop County Republican Party could not participate in the Blue Santa programs.

Members voting 'no' were: Dianna Greenwood, Precinct 1001; Dawn Thompson, Precinct 2007; Faithe Evans, Precinct 2008; Marc Mulkey, Precinct 3016; Reed Lewis, Precinct 3012; Shari Wyatt, Precinct 2009; Damon Doss, Precinct 4020; Sue Beck, Precinct 3013. All others presented voted "yes".

Shocked? Don't believe it? Watch the 9 minute meeting video.  It's shocking and disgusting.

FACT: Dianna Greenwood voted against Bastrop County needy children and the Bastrop, Elgin & Smithville PDs. She voted "NO" to participating in the Blue Santa programs.