Thursday, March 1, 2018

Attacks Appear Again

(Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals: #7)

The following was submitted for publication here by Carol A. Spencer.

You called it, Combating Fake News With Facts!  In your post about Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals as applied by the Bastrop County Young Republicans, you said you expected the attacks to start up again (Rule #7).  Well, they have, and just a few days before an election.

Jarrett Namkin, on his Bastrop County Young Republican's Facebook, posted this FAKE NEWS, this false statement. He then urged people to vote for my opponent. 
"Previously, Ms Spencer had been appointed by Chairman Raley to become Vice Chairman. She was serving as the party webmaster but resigned the position. Ms Spencer claims Chairman Raley has to authorize the action to transfer website even when majority will prevailed. The CEC created a new process to update and manage party communications. Website still cannot be managed by the public relations committee."
  1. I was never appointed webmaster, thus I have never resigned that position. Stating I have resigned as webmaster is a bold-faced lie meant to deceive you.
  2. Janet Jackson, chair of the Texas Republican County Chairs Association, in an email dated April 2017, told Dianna Greenwood "Please understand that the elected County Chairman by law is the spokesperson for the County Party through any medium."
  3. In that same email, Greenwood was directed to make Chair Jeanne Raley an admin on the Party's Facebook page.  Greenwood refuses to comply.
  4. These precinct chairs, who repeatedly and illegally demand the website, have never demanded Greenwood comply with the law as she was directed to do.
  5. In a newspaper article dated February 27, 2018, Jackson confirms that. "According to rules set by the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association, a local party leader typically acts as the party’s spokesperson, unless that person delegates responsibility to another member, said the association’s president Janet Jackson."
  6. The website is in the hands of the Chair, the legal spokesperson for the Republican Party.
  7. This group of precinct chairs pass motion after motion demanding people violate the law. Motions passed by these precinct chairs do not supersede the rule of law.
  8. Their objective is to fight and to cause dissent.If it were anything else, they would create their own website as has been recommended to them.  One of the PR Committee members says he knows how to do so.
  9. Just as the Democrats do not want to find a solution to the immigration issue so they can continue to pound the issue, these precinct chairs do not want to put up their own website because the issue is more important to them than the website
  10. If they were interested in obeying the law, they'd be demanding Dianna Greenwood make Chair Jeanne Raley an admin on Facebook.
  11. They are using Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" (Rules #11 & #13) tactics to falsely accuse others for their own gain.
 I am very proud of the work I've done for the Republican Party during my 30+ years of involvement. Anyone who would like to discuss this in detail should email me at