Sunday, March 4, 2018

It's All About Me

This is not #fakenews but rather truth, right out of the horse's mouth:

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.  Former Chair Albert Ellison has never been about uniting Republicans or building the Republican Party in Bastrop County.  Ellison used the Party for his own personal soapbox.  He wanted to make the Party more like him? How egotistical and self-serving!

The result was complete failure.  Republican turnout numbers were lower election over election during his nine year reign (2007-2016).  The women's Republican club disbanded (December 2014).  His last fundraiser was held in  October 2014.   He bled the bank account by paying for a Party office as a sublease to his boss, and with portions only accessible through his law office.

Albert Ellison and the precinct chairs he controls want to return to those days, a truly scary proposition for the Republican Party in Bastrop County.

Ellison says it's Chair Jeanne Raley who is destroying the Republican Party.  Really?

FACT:  The Republican Party has grown exponentially in just the two years Jeanne Raley has been chair.  Voter turnout numbers are up.  Opportunities to participate have expanded.  There is money in the bank to foster additional growth and to elect Republicans in general elections.